buy ielts certificate without exam

buy ielts certificate without exam

Say hello to ielts bc for you all much needed certificate and documents. You can easily buy ielts certificate without exam in short period of time.

Say hello to ielts bc for you all much needed certificate and documents. You can easily buy ielts certificate without exam in short period of time. You can also get this document by taking exam. It’s not so much hard and difficult exam than any other. Ielts is the way to assess how well you can use your English. As per experts, it consider your proficiency in speaking. If you want to be good in English than the best way to be fluent in it is to talk in English on daily basis.

What is good ielts score?

What is a good score for ielts certificate? On the authority of British Council, If you get 9 on the exam, you are an expert; if you score an 8, you’re very good; In this line you will get your score and rating almost range from 1 to 9 (non user to expert). If your score is zero it means you never attempted any exam.

Where Is It Possible To Buy IELTS Certificate Without Exams?

IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is an international standard examination accepted worldwide in many institutes to examine the proficiency of English language for non-native speakers interested in admissions abroad or are looking for visas, immigration or permanent residence. The IELTS exam certificate is valid for 2 years and after that time period; one has to retake it to reexamine their proficiency in English.

The IELTS certificate is the most renowned and widely accepted proficiency testing examination of the English language and has security measures and is genuine due to the involvement of respected institutions like the British Council, Cambridge English etc. But there are many fraud schemes and websites present and even many organization selling the IELTS certificate without giving an exam in exchange for an exorbitant amount of money.

These deceptive organizations try to manipulate unaware people by providing false IELTS certificates and showing the result in a fabricated faux website. When such a certificate is submitted legal actions can be taken against the person ranging from penalties to permanent banning. These websites take advantage of various advertising methods available on a platform like Google etc. which makes it appear genuine to naive people. Sometimes they make empty promises of hacking the database and entering information of the person who is looking for an IELTS certificate without examination. They also ask for credit card details and account details and there have been reports of cheating an enormous amount of money from unsuspecting people.

There have been actions taken again such institutes selling these certificates without examinations but almost every day new organizations emerge due to many factors like the reluctance of victims to take legal actions and follow procedures already in place and demand of candidate looking for an easy way to get proficiency test.

One Google search and a huge amount of websites, advertisements and agencies appear claiming the sale of IELTS certificate without examinations from genuine sources and even bringing and claiming contacts from British council. The profitable nature of this fraud is what thrives more and more hoax and deceptive sources. But it is to be kept in mind that an examination like TOEFL whose certificates are taken and accepted for UK visas and permanent residences and considered to be significant in proving the English proficiency of aspiring students looking for graduation and post-graduation from renowned universities all over the world can’t be forged simply and bought in exchange of money. The examination conditions are stringent and even involve data like fingerprints and photographs of real-time exams to ensure fairness in the treatment of non-native English speakers from various different countries.

These cheating institutes claiming the easy purchase of IELTS certificate without examination usually make an agreement and take details of passport, bank and nationality etc. to appear genuine in the eyes of victims. After extorting advance money for a certificate purchase usually half of the money they decided upon prior, disappear without any trace. While some others go to the extent of showing a false and fabricated website with all the details of the person buying the certificate in website resembling the web address of institutes like British council etc. thus misleading them successfully.

What should be kept in mind that the only legal way of getting an IELTS certificate is by giving the examination through the IELTS institute alone which involves four aspects of English language namely: listening, reading, writing and speaking. The exam is of 2 hours and 45 minutes and the result comes within 13 days of appearing for the examination in the form of band grades ranging from 1-9 signifying none non-user to expert user of English language.

So it is better to steer clear of these faux scammers selling IELTS certificates without examination at high prices whatever is the predicament.