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Are you searching for an IELTS certificate without bothering for any exam? Here it is! You don’t need to worry about the exams or tests. Apply your requirements here and pay for it. We will deliver your respective within the promised time. With us, you will get biometric certificates, PTE certificates, TOEFL certificates, backdoor certificates from BC/IDP without giving any test or exam.

Moreover, we also provide genuine passports, driving license, student/working VISA for foreign countries like the USA, Australia, UK, and much more without any trial or examinations. All you need to do is to click on our contact us page and put your credentials over there. We will get back to you shortly and give you an update regarding delivery.


    We have specialized personnel in the production team who are registered for providing authorized IELTS, TOEFL, CELTA/DELTA, ESOL, and other required certificates.


    All our certificates are registered with database system prevailed in the British Council. You can also check your scores online on the web portal of the British Council directly.


    We are a specialized provider of IELTS certificates and deal with the production registered for IELTS, TOEFL, CELTA / DELTA, ESOL, and other English language certificates.

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You must be worried about the exams to get an IELTS certificate as the exams are very crucial and often get rejected if the minimum cut off is not fulfilled by you. But not anymore! Now, you can apply for the certificates online, and without any hassle, you can buy your respective from us. You can buy genuine, database obtained, fully authorized IELTS certificates without bothering for any exam. Grab the opportunity to buy our genuine IELTS certificates for sale online!


Registered Certificates We Providing

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    Buy Real IELTS Certificate

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    Buy Registered IELTS Certificate Without Exam

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    Buy TOEFL Certificates Online

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    Buy IELTS Certificates No Exams

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    Buy Cambridge IELTS Certificates



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This is the right place to buy genuine ielts certificates online. As per our students we are providing best service in terms of time duration. We know the right value of time that's why we always complete our job on given time.

What you are expecting from your ielts result? In terms of score in result, you have so many options when you buy ielts certificate from us. So what are you waiting for just contact us and get highest marks on ielts result board.

Being a authorized ielts provider, we help you to buy ielts certificates without exam. We all know that this is not a right choice but it's help in your urgency.

Yes, we provide you verified and registered ielts certificates for sale. You can also check yourself. After insertion you will get a test score report, in which you will find the applicant details. Use this details and verify yourself.

No exam no headache! yes you are listing right. Now you can buy your ielts certificate without appearing for the exam. IELTS-BC makes it possible for all students who want to obtain their certificate without test. No problem no issue, text us on whatsapp for more details.

What we do?

Buy Genuine IELTS Certificate Without Exam | IELTS Certificate for sale

We are the dealer of 100% genuine; database registered IELTS certificates without asking you for any exam or test. You can grab your dream without bothering for wait time. With us, you will get your required documents online in five business days. Moreover, we deliver the documents directly to your location. If you want to get the documents to be delivered in 2-3 days, you may need to pay express delivery charges along with the fee. Our documents are registered with the British Council database system. Thus, you don’t need to worry about any forgery with our documents. All our documents are perfect for verification anywhere in the world and any purpose. We just take a few days to obtain the information you give while placing your order for the documents by our information system. Once all your details get registered into our database system, we put them over IELTS systems/websites where you can check the status of your orders online. After fulfilling all these necessary steps, we deliver them to you within five working days (regular delivery).

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